Dog Planet token

Dog Planet tokens creates a unique link between tokens and NFTs.

Increasing value for both tokens and NFTs.

And its your choice. Buy only tokens, buy only NFTs, or both.

And swap between them.

CA: 0x1a90Ea47888D8d152f8E91D530083b36a467e08F

Max supply : 200 000 000 000 000

For more info, see Whitepaper.


Presale on Sudoswap.

Click on "Dog Planet on Sudoswap" at the bottom of the page. 

How to buy the presale on Sudoswap:

To buy Dog Planet token presale, you first have to mint Dog Planet NFTs in the Dog Planet NFT drop on Opensea.

Click on "Dog Planet Drop on Opensea" at the bottom of this page. That takes you to the page on Opensea for minting Dog Planet NFTs.

The minted NFTs can then be swapped to tokens in the Sudoswap pool. 

Click on "Dog Planet on Sudoswap" at the bottom of this page.

Connect your wallet.

Click on Sell, and select the NFTs you want to swap. These will then be added to the cart.

The cart is shown in the top of the screen, here I have added one NFT for sale.

Click on cart symbol. You will now see the cart, and to swap the NFTs, click on sudo swap.

Note:  sometimes the price is shown as Billions, if you want to check the price, click on Pools. 

To go back to the sales menu, click on View all.

Instruction video: